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Cancer October Horoscope (2021)


You Are The Most In Between October,

It's easy on the tongue, you're going through hard times on the heart Even if every emotion you experience is not put into your language, you will want it to be reflected in your actions. The only word on his mind is, “The worst decision is better than indecision. It will be.

Internal Showdowns Have Begun!

Why do I never take time for myself? Why am I not talking to myself? Why did this happen to me? You will notice that you ask yourself such questions a lot, especially in October. You will realize how much you confront your family while trying to do your thing. You will not want to let anyone into your social space and you will want to be indifferent to your family's wishes. In short, you will come out in the second round in the internal reckoning with the feeling of being in between. At the same time, you will realize that you have acquired new habits for yourself, while your luxury consumption increases more than you expected, the thought of bringing the end of the month may occur in your mind for the first time.

  • Your financial indecision may cause you to buy yourself expensive gifts and accessories.
  • A lost item may come from a surprising place.
  • If you have a relationship that you accept with the right and wrong, you will feel that the wrong side is outweighed.
  • You will understand that the intention of an elder in the family that you think is trying to change you is not bad.
  • In this cycle, you will realize that your successes that you fit into your education life guide you more easily.
  • The wrong choices you made at the time could be your test this month.
  • You'll want to get away from your group of friends for a bit. You want to sit at home in a little silence
  • If you are a married Cancerian, you may need to talk to your spouse about issues that you do not want to confront. Delayed confrontations at the door

New Moon “Health First!” will make you say

As a New Moon occurs on October 6 in the leading sign, you will focus on health rather than other issues that may appear in your life. Apart from your personal health, your family's health conditions may increase in this process. As at the beginning of the month, one of the reasons for your inner depression is your desire to live life too fast. Even if you don't realize it, this pace may have negatively affected your health. You won't want your body's resistance to drop

  • If you're a chronically ill Cancer, you may need to go back to routines you've been disrupting lately. The consequences of getting bored with physical therapy routines may be bigger than you think, says the sky