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Pisces October Horoscope (2021)


You Are The Most Controversial In October,

You are in a month where you oppose every moment of your life. Words spoken against you, criticism made, invisible fait accompli will not affect you in any way. Woe to those who violate their personal space!

Don't despair of Retro!

Your start of October will be with the effect of Mercury retrograde. Mercury may present you with some difficulties. The problems you have in communication can fill your agenda too much. You may feel tired of trying to get along with people. Even if you take some precautions in common to avoid misunderstandings, the audacity of people can be surprising from time to time. You may feel that you cannot put your plans into practice. The mental fatigue caused by this deficiency can negatively affect your motivation. But don't forget that the difficulties are the experience for you. The flow of life can sometimes go against you, but it is important not to lose your concentration light. Don't worry, it will have effects that will alleviate the effect of Retro. Positive offers in unexpected places, when you least expect it, will outweigh the sincere friendships that are made. Sometimes you will want to be alone to rest your soul You will not compromise your values that you believe in right The feeling of intimidation that retro arouses in you can cause your work to be disrupted. It would be beneficial for you to proceed more cautiously in this regard.

  • If you are a Pisces in a relationship, you will begin to question the bond of trust between you and your lover more.
  • You will sit down and seriously think about the unresolved financial problems in the family.
  • You may experience a coldness that you cannot describe with your close friend.
  • If you're a working Pisces, your boss may position you in a position you don't want.
  • You may feel a little lacking in the face of problems that you have not had difficulty overcoming in the past.
  • You will often want to retreat into your own living space in the noise of people
  • If you are a Pisces who have been thinking about changing your home layout for a long time, you will receive innovative ideas from your family.
  • Problems you experience with technological tools can strain your patience
  • The pessimism of a relative who does not smile in favor of his marriage may fall on you. Don't let this happen, everyone's life is different
  • It can be tempting to develop habits that calm you down.
  • You will fall more on the areas that you feel are missing about your education life.