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Scorpio October Horoscope (2021)


You're the One Who Burns the Most Ships of October,

You were not someone who could not control your heart, you said whatever you knew without waiting. You will continue the same route in October. But you will realize that you can't put the people around you in any basket. “Don't look back!” your heart will say

Looking Back Can't See The Future

It should never be a surprise for you that October brings great responsibilities. You have foreseen these in the past months, you have accepted to face all the consequences that will come your way, in the end, the motto of strong will makes great decisions is the strongest branch you hold on to. In October, you will want to give meaning to all the emotions that burn inside you. You will not stop without doing whatever is good for your soul. Not having feelings and thoughts that will upset your balance and drag you to impossible places will pave the way for you to make clearer plans for your future. How much will you think about how difficult decisions you have made, especially in the last 2 years, and you will think that you need to be brave again in this regard. You don't act nervously to people who disagree with you. However, you do not hold back your answer.

  • If you are a married Scorpio with children, the sky has a suggestion for you; don't scrutinize your marriage and happiness this month, fine details can be a spark
  • If you are a newly separated Scorpio, you will think that the delusions and jealousy are making you more tired than you think. It won't be hard to realize that you can't look forward to your next relationship.
  • The inconsistent behavior of people who argue with you about ambition at your workplace can reveal how accurate your thoughts are about them. Your manager may pressure you to share these issues with him.
  • Legal processes experienced by your close family friends will reach a conclusion.
  • If you are a Scorpio who is a manager in a high-level company, you may feel that some employees are inadequate in terms of responsibility. That's why you're in a month where you don't want to pick up on anyone.
  • You will not hesitate to take the responsibility for a relative who needs a lump sum.
  • You will not listen to the words of others

New Moon's Hands Are Full

This New Moon in air sign on October 6 will not simply come and go. It will reveal sudden news, unexpected sensations, and unbelievable returns.