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Taurus October Horoscope (2021)


You Are The Most Unstoppable Of October,

What did you achieve and you didn't stop! So much so that there is no stopping in the spirit of this month. It won't be hard to realize that you can't get your head up from your job as the agenda changes day by day. Finding yourself in different environments will remind you how fast life actually goes.

You Will Believe in the Concept of Equality

No matter how much you want to make sense of your feelings, you have entered a month that will remind you of the days when your heart was blocked. However, you will realize that you cannot forgive anyone's smallest mistake, even those closest to your heart. Some people say it is easy to filter behavior. Here you will not act just to justify other people You will want to put into action what you heartily believe to be true. It is not easy, being honest and fair, but you are determined to show that you are in a month where you are taking firm steps in this regard.

Not Every Control Is Distance

There is some stagnation in your relationships So you may also need to look at how people around you define recession. While some of your friends' relationship with you is more controlled and understanding Some of your friends also communicate by calling you constantly or following you on social media. However, this is tiring In October, you will observe that you are in a process where you want to have full control. Although you may think that you can not draw the boundaries by giving harsh reactions at first, your feelings and thoughts will say to you, "Come on!" will say

  • Various polemics in the family can increase your nerve coefficients.
  • Seeing what kind of consequences unfounded lies can have, will make you question the concept of not being able to say "no".
  • If you are a Taurus who owns your own business, you may react more harshly to your colleagues who are not clear, understandable and know what they want. For Taurus signs looking for a job, it is better to wait a little longer, says the sky dome.
  • No matter how much you want to change your eating habits, you may not be able to control your ego.

What did he say? Why did he say? Who Said?

In October, your practical mind will instantly grasp who said what and for what purpose. When you apply the phrase "working iron shines" to your mind, do not forget that there is a sky agenda that emphasizes that you should not get too caught up in this wind.