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Virgo October Horoscope (2021)


You Are The Most Outspoken Of October,

There are words to be said, there are words to be kept, you are coming to cause storms as the sign that does not give in to its motto. You have no obstacle to say wrong to wrong and right to right

What You Achieve Will Shape Your Social Life

The dome of the sky will underline that you should keep your expectations small in October when you want to reach the end result. You ask why? Because Venus, the representative of the beauty that started on October 7, will be placed in the fire sign. Therefore, if you are a Virgo who does collaborative work, you will be able to withstand challenging processes. If you have a signature process and you want to rush it, you will use your logic more. It's not good for you to rush after all. You will go through important conversations with your spouse and your spouse's family, and you will be tested through processes that do not suit you. As you become aware of many events that took place without your knowledge in October, you will better understand who you should treat and how you should behave.

  • If you are a Virgo with a partner business, you can learn about investments made without consulting you.
  • If you are a Virgo whose marriage is in the process of ending, you may get nervous with your children's grandparents because of some property division about your ex-spouse, where you have no say.
  • You will experience the most how easy it is on paper, but how difficult it is in practice.
  • Your moderate nature is stronger than you think, you will show it more in the setbacks you will experience. No one is going to make you angry easily.
  • If you have a long lost item in your home, you will be happy to find it. “Where have you been for so long?” will be mentioned a lot
  • If you have various concerns about trust, the sky agenda in October will once again prove that you are right on this issue.

You Have Always Been You

You acted as you are and think You will want to be more selective with the people you take in your life Not everyone can enter your life by waving their arms, you will show how difficult it is in October… It will not be surprising to break up with people who do not fit your mindset. Your heart, where the noise is not missing, will say to your mind, look around, focus on the details As the fire element is going through effective days, you will want to show everyone that you are fearless and courageous.