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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Horoscope (October 18-23).


Bold choices made recklessly bring you up

Secrets are revealed!

On the first days of the week, your troubles are over about reflecting your ideas. Your jobs that didn't happen, your guests who didn't come, the people you kept out of contact with are now pouring out one by one. The reason is that Mercury is now leaving its weight in its sign.

The developments about the jobs and people you expect from abroad may come to a significant point. It points to confrontations with people, the sky These people may be members of your family, or the units or people you earn money from. This week, you can learn the real intentions of people who talk behind their backs and smile in their face.

Your momentary behavior will attract attention

The Full Moon, which occurs on October 20, is coming to complete the puzzle that you did not complete and incomplete. The leading formation active in the relationship house will point out the details about agreements, bilateral partnerships, legal issues, permanent order

Libras who are married or have children will show their vulnerability. Libras who will enter into new deals can get stuck in the details. Those who experience tabs in new relationships can go to a fork in the road.

Children from the first marriage, ex-spouses, education, work abroad will gain importance. It shows up emotionally as much as you are distant in your relationships.

Good weeks