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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope (October 18-24).


You are starting to reap the first fruits of the subjects you have worked on.

Everyone will see that you are a born leader!

Mercury is in a straight course as of October 18; It will be your chief duty to work, keep order, complete the work related to the government office, take care of people, organize matters such as bank affairs. This week's motto is to work, produce

You get what you deserve for the issues you've worked hard for so far. You will attract attention with your meticulousness in your work, school and social life.

Beware of misunderstandings!

The sky encourages you to have assertive, frank and bold speeches. But during this period, you may also need to stay away from impulsive attitudes and sudden outbursts. full moon! The effect of the leading sign that plunges into lives on October 20 will complete the unfinished calculations.

Certain regulations may occur in working life You can take on extra responsibilities You may need to follow in the footsteps of your health-related routines

Love may be the most ambitious week of the year for your life Because the Sun turns its direction to its opposite sign. ''Whenever I come to these periods; old loves, old friends, old partnerships come to the fore. You have a right too... If you are a Taurus with an empty heart, your feelings will not be empty after this week. Married Taurus signs will renew love Taurus signs who have just started a relationship can display mysterious and intriguing attitudes.

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