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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope (June 28-July 4)


I can already say that it will be a week full of struggle for the effects of the structure.

You pay special attention to the people you care about.

As you pass through a meaningful and fruitful week, your heart is healing and healing. The most extraordinary news can come from these days before the beginning of July. On June 28, the week begins with Mars-Moon Node 60. It may cause you to receive news that will represent spiritual values. You are preparing for a new month by refreshing your memories and being sure of your own conscience. As the bravest and most curious of the year approaches its cycle, excitements that you cannot understand will arise. Your best friend might get married or your ex might want to date you.

Exciting days excite you…

July 1 can be difficult in terms of dialogue. Mars-Saturn opposition, some things may be out of your control in secret relationships that you say you have managed. You may be in a desperate mood. Intentions positioned in the middle of the week will show your good attitude. Homework, responsibility, capacity, government work, restless people and rebellious youth will be on the agenda. Your expectations will be high. You have to promise yourself to let them go if you want.