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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Horoscope (June 28-July 4)


Thanks to these empathetic states, you can win everyone's heart.

These days, quarrels meet…

On July 28, Mars-Lunar Node 60 will occur. The foggy weather is finally dissipating. Especially if you think that you are constantly being treated unfairly in your relationships, you are giving up on some things now. Your tolerances are still high, but you give priority to those who value you. If you are going to apply for a new job, you will need support in preparing your CV. You may decide these days to take a course in language in the summer. You make your vacation days the most productive for you. By the middle of the week, your spirit will be officially renewed. The sky emphasizes that the coldness between you and your spouse should not be prolonged.

Don't say I will be alone this month too!

You will go after a problem like securing yourself financially. On July 1, as Mars-Saturn opposition occurs in fixed sign, you are facing career-related frustrations. You know it's not time to let some things go. Disruption of payments, money expected, debts, work and daily schedules can be quite disruptive. Those with talents like you are combining their intuition these days. While your attractiveness does not go unnoticed, your partner may not like it.