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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope (June 28-July 4)


It's not time to think about what you're missing, you'll need to act.

The days when you shouldn't make important decisions...

We are in a week where the most unexpected issues are suddenly on our agenda. Acting with a plan and keeping up with the pre-made programs can be very difficult in the first days of the week. On Monday, Mars-Moon Node 60 starts, you will be able to finish the things you started early. During the week, you can come to an agreement on events that you will have difficulty in showing patience. Especially your co-workers, your lover, your roommate may upset you. If you have a feeling of unease towards someone at work, you can gather courage by giving up doing this with hidden feelings.

It's never too late to start over!

The Mars-Saturn opposition that occurs on July 1 is almost mind-blowing. It allows you to catch what you do not see, do not notice, perceive, hear. You should pay attention to occupational accidents these days. Even if you are very confident in yourself, you should stay away from risks. While feeling over the excitement, you will be at peace with many new facts. If you're newly divorced, you might consider meeting someone, doing research to continue your education, going to the gym for a sport you've never tried. You may regret later on the issues you will say without hesitation.