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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Horoscope Review (July 5-11)


It's an important time to discover what you want.

It's your job to solve setbacks

In the first days of the week, the sky agenda concerns you very closely. I can say that it will make a lively start to the week. You may find it difficult to adapt to Monday when your head is quite full. You may not pay attention to what is being said, you may miss the details. If you are able to postpone important meetings, I suggest you postpone negotiations based on persuasion. You may encounter sudden breakdowns and momentary disruptions related to technological devices. It is possible to cooperate and sign with important names or companies.

Thoughts are mixed!

Your desire to see people you trust around you may increase more. In these few days, you can make important decisions and communicate with important people. On July 10, the Pioneer, New Moon will occur in water sign. Career, working life, job offers, potential, power, contact with special names will increase gradually. He emphasizes that you and your family can take important steps to realize the plans in your head.