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Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope (July 5-11)


It may not be a coincidence that some thoughts are pushing you these days.

Who can stand against your idealism?

In the first days of the week, while your thoughts become clear, you can act target-oriented. Sun-Uranus 60 on July 5 marks the days when communication is intense and conversations reach a point. On the other hand, you may hear surprising news about inheritance, common coins. The decisions you make today will have tangible results in the coming days. You should be especially careful not to act rashly and to be cautious about your personal belongingsā€¦

You strengthen your skills;

If you are a media graduate, young Virgos working in fields such as trainers, organizations, foundations or associations can work in a popular company. It may be possible to earn additional money, get a job offer you missed in the past, or raise your reputation in the eyes of your boss. It may turn out that you are right about the things that you were stubborn with your family in the past days. The New Moon, which occurs on Saturday, July 10, shows itself from the middle of the week. This situation, which triggers your judgment, will force you to question relationships. Confessions that you never expected, approaches to love, events, longing for your friends will determine the issues that you will be lucky.