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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope (July 12-18)


You won't want to depress yourself internally.

There are people you will love

July 13 will be decisive for you. While the Venus-Mars conjunction is fixed in your opposite sign, you will be self-sacrificing, charming, full of deep love, longing, soft-spoken, attractive for love. You will draw attention. If you are uneasy about love, there may be good developments in your relationship. You will reveal the features that make you you, from your sense of fun to your stance in society. Opportunities arise to talk and be constructive.

Competition is full!

Sports, diet, healthy eating, stopping carbohydrate consumption can change your form. You are committed to bodily change. Your intuition will rise these days. Sometimes you admit that you're delusional. As the Sun-Neptune 120 formed on July 15 is formed under the pressure of the water sign, it can bring you creativity, skill in mystical matters, strength in your thinking, and success in the field of art. This angle can also enable you to stand out in areas where you cannot show yourself enough.

Good weeks…