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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope (July 12-18)


You acknowledge that you have concerns.

Do you want to see far?

Mercury-Jupiter 120 on July 12 may make you look a little further away again. What you lost, your spirituality and reputation are in the past, you make your relatives realize that you are in a new era. The week will start positive for you. Although you are not very dominant, you are brave to try new breakthroughs and different things. You have both receivables and payment plans, but you may experience improvements that will suppress your worries.

Set your goals…

On July 15, Sun-Neptune 120 is supporting you and your dreams. Confident attitudes also affect the opposite sex. Your wife or lover will be very happy with this effect. These days, your spending on pleasure and enjoyment may accelerate. You may even want to buy a house that will exceed the money you have. In this period, sharing your life with the people you are with and having fun becomes your priority. Having activities with your colleagues, going out of town for training and enjoying the pool in the evenings at the hotels in the resort area can relax you for the weekend.

Good weeks…