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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope (July 12-18)


This week's agenda; You quickly pick up the resentments caused by unnecessary arguments.

Pay attention to the message of the sky!

It will conjunct Venus-Mars on July 13. First of all, you may get very interesting news this week. You may hear some gossip about people you used to work with. If you have been wronged, you may hear that you will get back what you deserve. Work and love can intensify at the same pace. You will show your ambitions. Do not miss the opportunities that develop in terms of career. Your shy investments will take shape.

You get a lot of support from your environment…

From the first days of the week, your breakthroughs both financially and in terms of career have a great impact. With its Sun-Neptune 120, it increases your self-confidence. However, you should not jump into every subject you believe in or trust your intuition. It is also possible to profit from any business you do on the internet. Far, far journeys, in short, the roads are calling you! If your ear is on the phone, the news you've been waiting for may come this week.

Good weeks…