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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Horoscope (July 12-18)


This week's agenda; Sometimes being sensitive helps.

There is an exam from where you are not studying!

On July 12, Mercury-Jupiter 120 will save you from melancholic states. If you are already having difficulty controlling your emotions, it will be helpful to rest and stay away from polemics. The cold walls between you and your spouse are breaking down and understanding takes its place. If you are looking for a job or want to change the sector, you can turn to topics such as tourism, culture and art, marketing and technology. Your nature charm will attract attention.

Don't get bogged down in unnecessary details!

All kinds of partnerships are a matter of detail for you these days. It would be appropriate not to make sudden decisions and reactions, including in business and private life. You are looking for confidence in matters that will affect your future. July 15 Sun-Neptune 120s will be the determinant of its agenda. You are making some plans for your family and order. There may be a change of home or there is an investment… You may be in an environment with a high intellectual level. At the weekend, you are making successful ventures in organizational affairs.

Good weeks…