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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope (July 19-25)


You are finishing the sentence “My feelings are messy” these days.

You have to allow yourself to feel good.

The Sun in its sign will reinforce the sensuality with Venus in the earth sign. From July 22, situations such as feelings, romance, agreement, planning, health will be at the forefront. “How do I help other people?” You will act with a sense of feeling, and you will be more active in networks and social networks. In fact, it is a period when you enjoy the work you do together…

You have to face the past!

On the first days of the week, on July 24, the Full Moon is positioned in the opposite house in the fixed sign. You will have relationships, friends, marriage during your shift for a month. Peace and rest will be at the forefront for Leo signs who focus on their relationship these days. You may also want to get rid of the bondage of the issues that have been giving you trouble since the past. Collecting your budget, bringing old debts to the agenda can annoy an unplanned order.