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Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope (July 19-25)


This week's agenda: This summer, your heart is in the test too! Being ideal suits you!
In the first days of the week, while your thoughts become clear, you can act target-oriented. As the sun now rises for a fixed effect month, you become more discouraged in certain matters. However, you stay a little calmer in conversations and communication-based matters. Venus will be in earth sign. Meeting with your family or friends, talking and talking will be at the forefront. Agendas such as education and health also point to the need to be programmed.

Rediscover your potential!

Saturday, July 24, allows you to focus on your fixed, air-elemented Full Moon goals. You will be in a state of majestic influence. You are in an effect that is creative, manageable, cares about your health and complements your deficiencies. If you had a new job interview just before you went on vacation, you'll have to wait for the results for a while. Or, your plans for an online job, course, education field you have applied for may become clear. The end of this month will promise you full results in matters concerning your future.