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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope (July 19-25)


You are going through active days.

Are you ready for different experiences?

From the first days of the week there is an ambitious sky. With its fixed effect position, the Sun will be positioned in the air element. Venus will also be in earth sign on July 22. It is on the agenda of relations and aspirations in the general atmosphere. You may especially avoid keeping up with the routine, and you may want to embark on different experiences. You will dedicate your knowledge to your friends, family and loved ones. Those who have connections abroad can make frequent connections these days without leaving the agenda.

Don't be stubborn! Listen first…

Before the end of July, the Full Moon will occur on the 24th. It is possible that you are persistent in your opinions. People who always understand and listen to you will listen to you this time. If a member of your family does a communication-oriented job, you may want to support him or her in this regard. You can create additional business opportunities such as working on the site and developing a new field for yourself. You will take on the responsibilities of your close relatives and siblings without letting your life experience go to waste.