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Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope (July 19-25)


It will not be difficult for you to get away from the crowded agenda in the sky.

Old stories are not for you!

As the Sun takes its place in the fixed sign on July 22, you provide easy communication in your relationships and you want to gain strength in some issues. The reason for you to feel bad is that you have not rested sometimes and the end of the point reached today will be to give up on your responsibilities. There is healing between you and the person with whom you have an emotional bond. You will make time for your loved ones. Your evasive work may cause you to be criticized, beware. Also these days, unexpected developments may occur in the life of siblings or cousins.

Hearts are sensitive...

On July 24, the Full Moon rears up in the sky. Crowded environments and the search for order will impress you in every way. Your support to those at home, the order of unfinished business, health, nutrition, and assistance to family elders will develop at this stage. The full moon can also help you get a pet. It can help form your idea for your assistant. You will be able to organize those that are on your mind during these holidays.