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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Review (July 26-August 1)


This process change literally carries its footprints.

You never know where luck will come from.

You have to be ready for some surprises. It can be either parting or joining paths for a lifetime. On July 28, as Mercury determines your position in your opposite sign, you will realize that your appearance, attitude and language skills are important. You can go through a special period in any matter based on job applications, agreements, goals, communication. While this situation triggers the arrival of some news, you will struggle to put a word in your heart. On the one hand, it will be at the forefront of issues such as personal development, education, international issues, and your reputation.

You add color to your life...

Before the weekend comes, he reinforces his generous and sensitive side to those around him. You are getting ready for the days when you are very social, fun, full of love, enjoying everything you enjoy. You may consider getting together with friends you haven't seen for a long time or organizing a small trip with your family. However, some developments will indicate that cracks or separations will occur within the group. Weekend; With the Mercury-Saturn opposition, the restrictions you will receive from your family elders may indicate criticisms that may come to your frankness.