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Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Horoscope Weekly Review (July 26-August 1)


We live in days where nothing is permanent.

Taking care of yourself during this period

While all the conflicts in your family life, especially in July, will be replaced by calm, you will conquer hearts with your conciliatory attitude. Tensioned threads, especially with family and close relatives, can be replaced by a strong form of communication. Mercury will be in fire sign. Along with the 28th of July, he will bring the people who support you financially and morally before you. You will only have the opportunity to digest some of the rapid developments you experienced in April.

Your opponents will increase.

As the planet of struggle Mars is positioned in the earth sign, as of July 29, your work pace may increase, you may notice jealousy in the social environment, you may notice your rivals, your expectation of support may increase in every sense. You don't want the communication breakdown to cause ambiguities. Make a note of the dates of your close friends' weddings or the organizations they will organize, so that you can increase your contact with the people you want to reach.