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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Review (July 26-August 1)


Rare times are you raising issues that are bothering you.

You will make the rules

You will worry when appropriate, and when appropriate, you will not stop acting for a moment. As Mercury enters the fire sign on July 28, it may not be easy to return to work or daily matters after a vacation plan. Those who get over their holiday laziness will start the week intensely. The tasks and responsibilities ahead of you immediately bring you to yourself. Capricorns, who have been worried about their job or future for a long time, can make a new job interview and roll up their sleeves to recruit someone new to their team.

It brings the past opportunities back to your door.

The planet of struggle Mars will be in earth sign after a long time. This combination may cause you to take your stress, your spouse's business issue, calmly. On the same day, on July 29, under the influence of Mars, which is in opposition to Jupiter, it can enable you to meet with people in the position you want wholeheartedly. Meeting their expectations can be attributed to good results these days. There can be great joy at home and in the family. The fast traffic density may make you a little tired and you may spend the evening with neck and headaches.