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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Review (July 26-August 1)


The past sometimes reshapes and brings second chances.

Your motivation is people

You can start the week in a very pleasant and motivated way. As the sky creates extraordinary angles, it emphasizes the days when you will determine your destiny. You will pay attention to money, your sense of belonging, your plans, your communication power and your pluralistic nature. Even if you move a little uncontrollably between organizations and rushes, there are effects that allow you to make healthier decisions. As Mercury takes its place in the fire sign, the decisions you can make will be very brave.

You are in harmony with people

Your biggest motivation for the rest of the week will be your sociability. Starting this week, Mars will take its place in earth sign. It will represent your money making, family decisions, your fighting spirit, the way you do business, your aggressive attitude, the plans in your head. You may prefer to appear fussy inside but calm on the outside while putting some of your affairs on the line. You will add to your current jobs or responsibilities. It points out that it will create different systems, customers, education, new areas.

G ood Week ...