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Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Review (July 26-August 1)


Your comparisons of the past and the present will increase.

Anxiety can be reactivated

A week in which worries about career life and the future come to the fore is waiting for you. You can reinforce these concerns on Monday. Especially these days, it may be difficult to reach a clear decision on certain issues; You can get lost in the options. Mercury will be ruled by the fire sign. These days, you will look for more attention to your communication with your partner. Desiring to postpone future-oriented conversations to another day may upset him. Transits effects will push you to be firm, stubborn and clear.

May the sky be kind to your heart these days.

On July 29, Mars will be in its opposite sign. Thanks to this effect, you can become ambitious about the subjects you leave behind. Your plans for spouse, spouse family, a new contract, contract, job and relationship can accelerate at any level you want. It's possible for a detail-oriented character like you to worry about being too hasty. The sudden beginnings you experienced at the beginning of this week will be replaced by bold, determined and stable moves at the weekend. If there are people with whom you have disagreements in your social life; Your attitude towards them may change.