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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Review (July 26-August 1)


Inner experiences sometimes add more to a person than the benefits of the outer world.

Arrogance; what a bad thing you are!

Mercury will change sign. You may find that the conditions that occur during the week do not force you. The responsibilities that you live with will develop further in order to help your relatives. You want to be decisive and have a say in your work, your reputation, in the environments you are frequently in. One way or another, you hear rumors about you. If you have a secret relationship or have confidential information at work, it is in question to be deciphered. Maybe this will put you at ease, maybe it will take your responsibilities off your back.

Developments are accelerating!

Whatever you are waiting for, whatever you have a problem with, the second half of the week can be solved quickly… The sky offers you opportunities. At least you are trying to see the big picture without getting caught up in the details… Business relationships, deals, friendships, confrontations and most importantly, love that started suddenly due to the influence of Mars can cause you to change everything you believe in . Your spiritual exchanges may increase from people you see as your lover, partner or even father.