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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Review (August 2-8)


A completely different era is beginning, and very ambitious!

Life is Beautiful…

Days when you will have a more positive outlook on life, tidy up your relationships, and have long conversations. As the week starts with the Sun-Saturn opposition, you may be in a period where you will go without looking back. In this process, you may witness the languages pouring out to reconcile with your spouse, lover, new date, whoever you broke up with or even divorced. Don't be surprised because you can often hear the phrase "I decided too soon" at this stage. If you are an Aquarius who is in the process of making important decisions, you will not want to doubt that you will make the right decisions.

You have to put promises and commitments on hold.

You may find it difficult to understand yourself and your feelings these days. With the support of the new moon on the 8th of August, you can choose to stop examining yourself and let it flow. In this cycle, superficial relationships that you cannot really catch sincerity in your bilateral relations may be included in your life. You will feel that it is a valuable period for two-way conversations, agreements, word associations and special invitations. Great days for love and second chances too.