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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Review (August 2-8)


You have no intention of procrastinating anything these days.

“I make the rules!”

On the first day of the week, you start the agenda with the Sun-Saturn opposition. You can literally feel the Monday load. You may start the week with a tense mood, and it may make you think that you are restricted from acting with anxiety in the works you plan to do. You will be more detailed and cautious about financial issues, investments, areas of earning money, and pending installments.

Jealousy will not suit you.

Jealousy may be on the agenda in communication-related responsibilities. Some people these days may seem artificial, pretentious, rambunctious and illogical to you. This cycle is the cycle of grounded, bold moves. It may scare you at first. As the New Moon comes to life in the fire sign on August 8, its agenda may also include work, money, financial matters, skills, expectations about your order, and the family of a spouse or lover. The trust-seeking, guaranteeing side will come to the fore.