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Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Review (August 2-8)


You know you have something to leave behind in order to move forward.

good luck

All the hidden issues of the past may come to light. Things you need to see and know about relationships, people, your workplace, your spouse and even your children are revealed during this time. You have to be more careful and meticulous. The health house is under a positive influence in this process. Because on August 2, there is Sun-Saturn opposition. Being prone to exaggeration can unfortunately cause you to make mistakes or become suddenly angry. You can accuse your surroundings of doubting things as soon as they happen.

Confused these days.

As you go through the days when the past haunts your mind and heart, these visits can trigger things you should never do. On August 8, the New Moon will occur in the sign of fire. You can think about your health, service industry, co-factors, banks, government offices today and spread them over the next week. You may want to give another chance to people who have given up on time, who have failed your expectations, or who have disappointed you in some way. Time does not change everyone. If you're a Pisces with kids; You can spend more time with them this weekend.