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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Review (August 9-15)


Your challenging character will choose to stand up.

Your patience can be tested!

Considering the crowd that has been pushing their patience for a long time as of August 9, we can see this week as the period of expressing the accumulated anger. Starting Monday, you will give yourself an overhaul of your decisions, your physical change, how you appear in society, and your reputation. It will depend on anyone but you that plans go your way. Late work, postponed meetings, indecision and anxiety will follow events that occur simultaneously.

You can get angry very easily at any event.

Routine bores you, so casual loves, relationships seem to excite you Earth-influenced planet of communication will represent heritage, shares, incomes, intuitive matters on August 11 Additional income and extras you do outside of your job can open different doors for you. Now you're revealing your desires to hide Some of your posts and feelings may spread around you even though you don't want them. Important conversations in the family are on the agenda!