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Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Horoscope Weekly Review (August 9-15).


In these days when the language of communication changes, you will devote yourself to working, serving and receiving service.

On the prowess!

In the first days of the week, while moving in the whirlpool of emotions, you can deal with the indecisions you experience and balance your changing mood. You may not be able to perform very effectively outside with your loved ones. But the week helps you easily cope with the tasks you grope about at home. Especially married Aries signs will treat their wives romantically. As the week begins with the Mercury-Pluto relationship on August 9, there may be extraordinary developments around you.

You are showing your talents!

It is possible to feel exhausted during the rush to find a visa, passport, suitable photo shoot and some money. Also these days, the communication planet Mercury will have bonus effects as it is in earth sign. You can show your talents and make your name known Hardworking, litigant, you're in a lucky loop with a supporter as well as a serving situation On the days of 13-14-15 August, while creating effects such as passion, trust and even suspicion, your instinct of ownership will increase.