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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Review (August 9-15)


The existence of conditions and sharp lines will continue on your behalf these days.

You have no tolerance for injustice!

In the first days of the week, developments in your social environment await you. Venus-Neptune opposition emphasizes that you will now express your expectations and troubles on issues that you have been silent for a long time. In particular, you can openly disclose the injustices in the working environment or the issues that you think are not going well, the people you do not fulfill your responsibilities today.

Social anxiety can be regulated

Changing your sign on August 11, Mercury will represent your friends, your neighbors, your schoolmates and your business environment. Sky, which plans to reinforce the sense of responsibility, will also meet its expectations in terms of task distribution. In these days when your shares increase, the number of people you will deal with will be more than one. There may be heavy phone traffic, e-mail correspondence, information transfer, social media use.