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Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Horoscope (August 16-22).


The crowd in the sky will show that nothing is as far away as it seems

an active period

From the first days of the week, the sky and your agenda begin to change. Venus will be in the leading air sign. It can enable you to be pioneering, specific, fair and a little guarantee. You will start looking for the causes of certain things; Expectations will be at the forefront in work, education, love. Your fondness for living space and your desire for comfort may increase In this respect, you may want to make the area where you spend a lot of time attractive.


As Uranus starts retrograde at 20, the people in your life and the decisions you make will matter. If you're a Gemini working with a partner at work, it might surprise you It's good to take care of your teeth and ankles these days. The Full Moon effect also triggers the news and developments that are retrospective and can erase uncertainties.