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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Horoscope (August 16-22).


This week's agenda : In these days when you watch your capacity, you will also give importance to people's opinions.

You get rid of your worries about financial matters!

You may receive news from the first days of the week that will save you from Monday syndrome. If you're a working Leo, news of a small bonus or raise can help you relax financially. It can also be ideal if you need financial support, asking for an advance or borrowing money from a close friend. If you're a Leo job-seeking, the offer may come after the holidays. Your meetings these days may turn out to be more productive than you expected.

You are putting your postponed plans into action!

You may want to make changes in your living space and most importantly, you can spend money on it. E.g; accessories, colorful white goods, modern and new style armchairs, a new bedroom set and many more. The full moon will occur in the opposite sign at this time. In the relationship, you will need to make careful choices in compromised matters. In the future, you can support your family in terms of budget. Because we are going through a week where the sky is seriously emphasizing money for you. Serious changes may occur in the business order in this last quarter of August.