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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope (August 16-22).


It will be a supportive week for unfinished plans.

It strengthens the friendship relations of the benevolent and generous side!

The sky, which heals every area it touches like a magic wand, becomes very active as of August 16. Venus will represent the days when you will be calm, cautious, attentive, sensitive and quiet. We can talk about a period when you kept your relationship, promotion, projects. You see, you won't want any crowds around you this week. You can also exclude the dry crowd

You can meet new people

Uranus will retrograde in the opposite sign from August 20. It can be an interesting period in the relationship for those who do not dare to change themselves in their marriage. Planet of revolution can make interesting decisions for those who seek happiness If you are entrusted with a job, responsibility or property, it is not possible, you will not act sloppy. Starting from this week, a process begins where you will take on important responsibilities for your friends.