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Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Horoscope (August 23-29).


Keeping up with the environment and learning lessons from change are on the agenda.

You feel constrained

On August 23, Venus-Saturn 120 will set the agenda; you will be at the forefront to show your talents and use your opportunities wisely The news you will receive suddenly may cause you to prepare hastily and take a trip outside the city. Your brave and courageous states give confidence to your existing relationship. Longing may be a meeting with people from afar that you live with.

What can you sacrifice for what?

There is a tense atmosphere in the sky on August 25 Mercury-Neptune pairs are at opposite points This incompatibility of mutable element signs will interest you too. Opens your horizons in partnership matters It can also be indecisive for marriage and relationships. It can make you a little unhappy to see how far away the people in your family you thought were supporting you are actually from your dreams.

Tips of the week:

If you don't pass on the feature of not liking the things other people like and regretting it later this week, you may incur unnecessary expenses. Be careful!.