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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Horoscope (August 23-29).


Everybody's; has a hope, a war...

Good luck days!

Venus-Saturn 120 that occurred on Monday will bring together past experiences with what you can't get out of your mind. Before September comes, it's time to see the burdens you're going to throw off, especially like autumn leaves. On the first day of the week your mind is a little messy, you should be careful about financial issues and investments from the past Collaboration and accounting confusion will take some effort

You have an observant approach

Mercury-Neptune opposition can cause you to face fear of failure, guilt and regrets. However, you start to see not allowing such feelings in your life as an escape. If you want to make a fresh start, there are positive developments in your social circle. If you are into trading, you can reveal your margins of error from the first week of September. In fact, if you own property or land, you can get financial opportunities by making private investments. There may be those who want to prove their egos on you, and in this process, you can completely focus on your loved ones and your work.

Tips of the week:

Weather change and stress can cause certain skin problems. If you are not married, your lover's past may bother you a lot right now, be careful.