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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Review (August 30-September 5).


Constructive opportunities are starting to come your way

Well, don't you think it's time?

While Mercury is in the leading air element, it will represent disciplined, ambitious, determined, entertaining, intellectual, knowledge-based subjects. You are incorporating the decisions you made last week into your life starting this week. The issues that will develop abroad and in this context can accelerate the agenda. This will affect your work and social life most actively. There are many competitors around you and you will want to be sure of what they want to do.

You will plan

It's a cycle and from the first days of September you will evaluate the decisions you have made. You will reconsider everything that touches you Change of house, change of neighborhood, change of school You'll need to plan ahead and be very careful. In these days when planning and detailing come to the fore, you will carefully follow your responsibilities. You can take precautions so that what you fear does not happen to you With Mercury-Saturn 120, you will be intense and socially active. Although you are compassionate and gentle in your relationships, you keep a distance between you and the other person, and you do not convey your feelings and thoughts to the other party with all transparency. In this period, when you are affected by the perception of kindness, wisdom and position created by Mercury, your artistic energy is also quite high.

Tips of the week:

These days, you need to take extra care in your relationships with your family. You get rid of communication problems