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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Libra Weekly Review (August 30-September 5).


So much responsibility placed on him causes resentment

You're hard to convince!

We start the first day of the week by taking its place in Mercury sign. It makes sense to note that this week has a pioneering spirit in general. You can exhibit a more satisfying, accommodating, friendly, sociable, talkative, managing and directing attitude in social environments. On the other hand, if there are ongoing projects from the past, there may be significant developments regarding them. Especially if you are a Libra in a relationship, you will listen to your lover's statements and promises to you. While the tension of the angles in the sky sometimes causes you to be moody, you can reflect it to the opposite side.

Heads are getting mixed up!

Mars-Neptune will be in a shifting opposition on September 2 This combination and the general condition of the planets indicate partnerships and agreements. It can represent productive but tense days for Libras who are looking for a new job. A few critical openings may occur for Libras with long-term business relationships. It causes some secrets to be revealed more in the crisis. New beginnings may occur among Libras working in corporate companies. Like resignation and promotion…

Tips of the week:

This is a cycle that will take you further. The important thing is that you see that the events you encounter in the coming months have a message, not a bad luck.