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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Review (August 30-September 5).


It's time to escape the chaos

Everything is starting to work out, don't worry!

Mercury will change signs on the first day of the week. With the reflection of this movement on you, you will have an emotional and sensitive mood. You may be more protective of your family than usual Although you are focused on family and close environment, it is possible for you to communicate with people beyond your imagination during this period!

Have no doubt that everything will be alright

However, you may encounter unfamiliar opponents. At this stage, health problems may also develop among family elders. If you are a Taurus who has trouble with marriage, days when you will be clear and result-oriented are waiting for you. You intend to change yourself and your thoughts.

Tips of the week:

The challenges you face will strengthen you and you will feel better over time. You can evaluate the transit of Mercury by making financial adjustments.