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Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope (August 30-September 5).


You are in the days when emotional issues are on the agenda.

Your faith in people is shaken...

From the first day of the week, your ruling planet will change roles. You begin to question the good intentions of the people around you. In this period when you lose your trust in people, you do not believe anyone easily, you want to see concrete data. At the point representing the Mercury financial house, savings, family peace, partnerships with your relatives, words will have an important place.

You may experience frequent mood swings

During this period, you may experience insomnia problems. You may not want to have unnecessary contact with anyone Mars-Neptune opposition will determine what you want to listen to. Conflicts, tensions in your relationship and work can cause your passions to come out of their shell. You are likely to receive unexpected, surprising news These news you will receive may be about financial issues such as inheritance, partnership.

Tips of the week:

You will become stronger as you learn lessons from the obstacles you face.