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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Review (September 6-12).


Where the wind goes where you go

There are no obstacles to getting what you want!

New Moon in September will occur on the 7th These days, it will be at the center of your friends who live far away, your spouse's family, former neighbors, colleagues for those with overseas connections. You may be surprised by the news you hear about some topics. The separations that are said to be impossible come together The person you will be worried about about your health may be your family elder who lives far away from you. Some hectic days are waiting for Capricorns with routine checkups.

You raise your expectations

Together with September 10, when Venus, the planet of love, is in the constant of the water sign, group work, collective work, trainings, lessons, alternative groups and people you care about will attract your attention. You will increase your house, family support and order. These days when you find peace again, activities that you will be alone with nature will make you feel good. You remember your past unfinished business and responsibilities Coincidences, where you will take a small trip to your past, can increase your sadness and emotionality.

Tips of the week:

If you put aside the jealousies, you will be able to see the real problem.