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Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Review (September 6-12).


These days, in general, life is entering the process of change.

You will be renewed…

The long-awaited days will be written down, autumn is almost here and the season will be defeated Working with the effective New Moon in the earth sign of September 7, will continue to hold your hand with determination and ambition. The symbol of beginnings and renewal first passes through your house for you. House layout, moving plan, renovation, transfer from summer to winter, a different plan may come up for those with children. Supporting family elders, preparing their works, taking them into the program will come to the agenda.

You will feel comfortable and purified

You won't hesitate to pamper yourself this week While things are going as you want until September 10, some issues may change direction after this day. Venus will take its place in an incompatible sign, the planet of love. You should be careful about your working principles, work order, co-workers, bank affairs, account books. You will be cautious about mistakes, absent-mindedness, behind-the-scenes, issues that you are not aware of. Don't underestimate and ignore the opportunities that come

Tips of the week:

You shouldn't underestimate your opponents either.