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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Horoscope Weekly Review (September 6-12).


You are a freedom-loving person and you will not come to be forced.

The days that make you sit back and enjoy yourself are coming soon

The New Moon in the earth sign on September 7 will be effective in the house representing trust, finance, investments. In addition, you may experience days when you cannot separate your family and work life. Family support, inheritance, scholarship, money forgotten can have positive effects. The issue of a car, land or rental property that you want to dispose of can be resolved.

Your relaxed demeanor can make loved ones uneasy

Venus will take its place in a sign that predicts charm and attractiveness. Family, home, marriage union, promises made in relationships are always on your mind these days. The reason is that Venus, the planet that represents order, is located in a sign with which it does not get along very well. Doubt, curiosity, haste, envy, conflict can be seen quite often in the family. However, there are also benefits; The subject of the escalating debates, especially this week and in the coming days, will generally be a matter of trust. You can start regular sports or meditation to feel physically and mentally relaxed.

Tips of the week:

These days when you open a new page for the future, you can take a small step towards your goals.