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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Review (September 6-12).


Surprising developments that you may encounter in the flow of life are such that you can lose your taste.

The sky heralds the time to rest!

In these times when the world enters a new cycle, you will leave all your resentment and anger behind and open a new page in your life. An earth-based New Moon will occur on September 7 You may find yourself needing innovation in areas you enjoy, hobbies, education, supportive issues in your work, habits. Likewise, support for those who have children or siblings can come from you.

Take precautions against minor carelessness!

Venus in the opposite sign of the ruling planet You are at an important stage for relationships. This position will mean love, feelings, agreements, promises for you. Clarity will be sought for those who have problems in their relationship among married Taurus signs Single Taurus signs, on the other hand, can receive instant interaction from people who consider time to be short and attractive. Love accidents will also be on the agenda of Taurus; like jealousy and trust issues…

Tips of the week:

In general, your week will be good and hectic. My only advice to you will be to stay away from negative people so that this high energy does not decrease.