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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Review (September 13-19).


This week, your focus is on your career, the work you will do…

The deepest your feelings about your family are

The days that support you too are at the door Especially if you are a married Scorpio, you will feel the effect on you more than others this week. You will be at a time when you are overly sensitive in family relationships as the sky turns the planets against each other. You tend to overestimate minor issues. You may misunderstand something, especially in your communication with your spouse's family. It is possible to fascinate everyone with your calm and confident demeanor.

You may have a hard time controlling your thoughts.

Many of your hard work have paid off, but this week you may question your own success and decisions. As the Mars effect settles on the agenda of September 15, he will bring positions to manage his reputation. On the one hand, you have to be careful Wrongful deals, prolonged work, negotiations that are not done can spoil the morale a little. But it will also allow you to manage the emotions of the ruling planet. Will encourage new formations

Tips of the week:

I must remind you that your diets will go to waste, you can trigger your overeating habit.