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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope Review (September 13-19).


Recent developments enable you to make sharp decisions.

You're having trouble focusing on your work this week...

You are becoming more intolerant than usual We start with Moon-Mercury 60 contact A cycle begins that triggers the communication house It will deliver a period full of close relationships, siblings, if any, and close friends. If you're a working Taurus, your daily routine at work will seem heavier and more boring than usual.

There is almost nothing you can't handle!

You may feel suffocated by responsibilities and routine work. These days I can remind you to stay calm and that this is a temporary period. As Mars takes its place in the leading sign on September 15, it will enable you to focus on your social areas, children, understanding of entertainment, and vision in society. You will know how to isolate yourself from people who bother you You can support a friend who will be in a difficult situation because of gossip.

Tips of the week:

Especially at the weekend, your search for peace will continue.

Good weeks…