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Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Weekly Review (September 13-19).


You can start serving yourself!

financial matters!

Monday will begin with Moon-Mercury 60 It elevates you, it elevates you, it organizes you In group work, you will be very efficient and sympathetic in the crowd. However, these days, you may experience a conflict with a family member you receive financial support from or a business partner with whom you have conflicts of interest. In this period; you will focus on your own ideals, especially in education and business

Your close relationships are put to daring tests!

Mars will change sign on September 15 Offers a new perspective on trust and money relationships There is a sky that repeatedly emphasizes that all balances can changeā€¦ In this period when you do not see anyone but yourself, you may question the person in front of you in your bilateral relations, and you may feel angry when you see that your good deeds are not rewarded. Mars transit in the Pioneer sign encourages you to go beyond your limits in private matters in bilateral relationships.

Tips of the week:

You can question the things you don't dare, you can face the things you reject

Good weeks .