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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope (September 20-26).


You're going to act to improve yourself.

Anxiety management...

The week will determine the issues on which to handle mercury-Jupiter 120 domination It will underline that you will be attentive in communication, social media, addressing If a legal process is underway, the outcome of the case is being determined this week. Termination procedures may be accelerated in the employment contract Your approach to long-term problems will be calmer You're going to want to find yourself a new way. You're happy to be back with your friend. You continue to provide material and spiritual support to the people you love

It's not interference, it's direction!

The full moon marks the 21st of September when relatives make major interventions with colleagues, neighbours, cousins and small partnerships There may be a sudden need for support in your work   You'll stay away from polemics unless you have to. Technology, shared house, rent, relocation, education will be on the agenda You may get interesting reactions when you want to split responsibilities

Recommendations of the week:

You have to be careful to listen, especially when you're having important meetings this week.

Special occasions!

As of September 21st, being especially hasty can lead to minor love accidents.

Good weeks…