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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope (September 27-October 3).


Now you will start to think about the measures you should take for yourself.

Who will keep you after September 27!

The breeze of autumn brings back the values you lost. The Mars-Jupiter effect on September 27 will generate attention You seek the help of people who are respected, strong, who hold your hand, who support you. This week, you can say "good luck" to the misfortunes you had in the summer or the opportunities you missed. You find a way to earn passion in relationships and money in career. Your attractiveness, passionate states, attention-grabbing aspects and looks will not escape the attention of the opposite sex. You can send people who weigh on you

Being alone is your choice...

Mercury goes retrograde this week From September 27, you will start with foreign matters, education, correspondence in these fields, friends living far away and academic matters. Agreements in bilateral relations and even employment contracts will be on the agenda. How is it possible for you to be alone in crowded environments, even if you don't want to reveal yourself? If you're an Aquarius who has troubles with your friends, you might want to punish them in your own way. Harmony and warmth will settle on your agenda Your steady mood stabilizes You will take care of the remaining issues without alienation

Tips of the week:

You don't like to be prejudiced about people, but these days you will always be looking for a quality with the people next to you.